What Do You Want To Happen?

What will you do if Person X does a certain action called ‘Y’?

For just about every situation like that where – ‘if this happens, then that will occur’ – you know how you’ll respond in just about every given situation.

In essence, you have become just like a computer, one dimensional. Type in ‘2 + 6 =‘ and it will always respond with ‘8’. While that is the perfect response from a computer, if a person responds with the exact same answer to every question he or she is asked, all the richness of discussion disappears.

That methodology takes every other possibility off the table and dismisses them from the conversation.

Our automatic responses, while alleviating the need need for any thought, may not even be correct! Some responses may be from sources other than ourselves, they may be out of date, they may not be what we want to express in a new setting with a stranger.

Every word that we speak can be something from memory, or something fresh and stimulating from a current thought that is more indicative of our true personality.

If . . . a blog is read, then . . .?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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1 Comment

  1. Give it to me…fresh and stimulating…got to have it!!!
    Out side the box… innovative… provocative…never heard before…got to have it!
    Call me and enthrall me!
    Gotta have it!!! NOW!
    To be fully present to the present moment…no yesterday…no tomorrow…NOW…gotta have it!
    Power there is in the presence!!! All power is in the present now!♥
    Preach it Kumiken!


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