Whose Got the Wheel?

Complain about the storm . . . Pray that the conditions change . . . or get to the helm and take hold of the wheel.

Perhaps the storm wins. Your strategy wasn’t sound enough. You regroup, rebuild, and try again.

There is a concept called ‘control’. When you took hold of the wheel you exhibited control, but the quality of that control was not good enough to beat the storm.

But here’s the thing . . . you learned a few things in the process.

You felt the freedom of trying, with no dependence on anyone else. You felt the changes of how your boat responded when conditions became less favorable. First-hand, you began to experience better ways to negotiate through rough waters. You brought home your story of the storm with your recollections of the excitement and the challenges. You have your memories to replay and from which to learn.

That trip hopefully instilled a thrill of gain which added to your arsenal of tactics. The trip was about learning and progress, with a few immediate rewards thrown in for self-satisfaction’s benefit.

Boats don’t have to capsize in storms at sea for the same advantages to be available. All of life’s little concerns can be dealt with in the same way – go to the helm and grab the wheel.

Sure, little obstacles may arise, but they all can be viewed and overcome as steps on a ladder (see yesterday’s blog).

The thrill of gain induces continued action. Maybe you’ll start to look forward to threatening storms, or to hone your skills to be ready for any eventuality. Enabling your ship to slice through waves brings delightful satisfaction and self-assuredness.

Your ‘helm’ is a sacred place. Be cautious of what you allow in there. It is the centerpiece of your life.

Cherish it.

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  1. I love that last paragraph…’Your helm is your sacred place…be cautious of what you allow in there…it is the centerpiece of your life.’
    Included in this sacred place are the most elevated, most perfect, most pristine thoughts, actions, relationships, words, experiences.
    Thank you♥


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