Learning To Be You

Congratulations! You have learned to be ‘you’.

It worked. Your learning has advanced you through several decades, relatively unscathed. Pause with me for a moment or two if you will and ponder this . . .

As you are reading these words they meet with a special filter that you have put in place to verify accuracy. Not only is accuracy considered but whether or not the words produce sufficient meaning to be reread or inspected further.

This ‘filter’ of yours, have you ever thought about its origin? Who decided on the degree of accuracy or who established the threshold of ‘sufficient meaning’ involved here?

Look at the blurred lady in the picture above. Was a like person responsible to some extent for your answers? How about your mother or father, siblings, pastor, friend or even words read in a book? It is hard to think of anything that may not have been part of your self-proclaimed filter.

Around 95% of our lives are spent on auto-pilot, relying on the validity of what you have learned. Our past ‘learning’ has become a storehouse which supplies all of our present-day ‘answers’.

What this suggests is this: No thought is ever needed. If we have a problem or question we just listen to our auto-pilot. This ‘auto-pilot’ is you. It determines every word and action you will ever say or do.

The infinite question is whether or not you are happy with the ‘quality of the contents’ your auto-pilot has to work with?

Right now you are depending on your auto-pilot to make sense of what you are reading. Perhaps you are even considering how outdated some of those personal instructions that you hold on to so dearly are, and the source of others that determine your freedom and peace.

The sum of all this learning that you have been engaged in throughout your life . . . equals the present moment ‘YOU’.

Is it – a true reflection of who you really are?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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