Cast Away

For many, this is a time of living in the feelings of isolation, fear, opposition and anxiety. It seems to be a final aggregation of many critical facets of our lives, all being decided at one time.

It is easy to be so embroiled in the process that it makes you feel like you are suffocating and about to drown, as if this were a survival exercise.

Thankfully, life preservers are available.

This is but another point in history. No amount of worry or consternation will change the outcome. But, here is what that worry and consternation will do, it will radically diminish the chances a person has; to begin believing in themself.

It seems that is part of government’s job these days – to keep us suspended in uncertainty, worry and desperation. Our freedoms are continually being clipped away. The last thing a governing body needs is a group of people, aloof from them, that has the capacity to think and to reason.

My vote, my sincere vote – is for every person to cast their own, individual vote – for themself.

For once . . . Make yourself the winner.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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