Is There Still Another Side?

I guess, for most, things like the debate last night are the cause of additional anxiety and divisiveness.

There is another factor involved here which may be worse.

That factor is that happenings – to many individuals – seem mandated. If there is something newsworthy on T.V. – it MUST be watched. (This applies to everything we might choose to do.)

There is a flip-side to every issue. If a debate is not your cup of tea, if it would cause you stress, opt for the other side. Go stargazing, read or write poetry.

Or, has our remembrance that we even have a choice, been buried so deep it can not be found?

All that is going on in this world – IS NOT US – unless we let it become us. Instead of watching the debate, is there not something else you could have done last night that would have made you happier and more content?

We still have the capacity (at least I hope so) to decide for ourselves about what we will experience and what we will not.

There is a flip-side to every decision. If the other side is more to your liking, elect that, select that, do that! Please, don’t turn your power of choice over to anyone else.

Those selections determine exactly who you are.

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