Internal Freedom

We can appreciate the foundation, wood and nails that make up the house, but the real value is the empty space within.

A pot is convenient, but it is the emptiness inside that enables it to hold whatever we want.

As individuals, we also have inner space and emptiness however those attributes are almost never viewed as positive. Instead they are identified as storage spaces that must be filled and then just remain dormant.

Those vacant areas are fertile, open and begging for new life, not box after box of useless paraphernalia stacked to the ceiling.

An area that is stuffed with anything makes movement and play impossible. A filled bowl cannot be used until it has been emptied.

Your thinking quarters, is it like a playground, rich with space for new ideas and areas for experimentation? Or, is it so congested that you don’t even go there anymore?

The more tightly packed an area, the less possibility there is for any type of rearrangement or change.

The choice is literally yours. Think like this . . .

or, let the hoarded mess go. Rid yourself of your accumulation of nonsense and enjoy instead – your private, pristine Wonderland.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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