Where is the ‘Real You’?

It’s a new place; never experienced before. A new time; with no sensations of the past. A new matrix, a place for breeding and origination, heretofore never even considered.

It is a place of exquisite discovery, providing unique settings and remarkable stimuli. It is equipped with uncertainty, novelty, amazement and the unknown.

Potential participants are permitted entrance only to the point of decision shown where the individual is in the photo. There are no promises of future benefit and absolutely no guarantees of anything being ‘better’.

Your old methods of negotiating life won’t work here, they will be inoperable. If chosen, you will be re-wired. Your archaic and limited views and understandings will be replaced by the ‘unlimited’ variety. Old memories will be almost totally forgotten, with little wisps of your past reoccurring intermittently like mini-dreams. Shortly, even the dreams will cease.

Several all-important personal factors arise; trust, fear, surprises, familiar suffering, clinging to your current messes, prayers of protection from the darkness, the concept of the highest life – and your perception of all this.

Is any of this worthy of your consideration?

If so, is this a time for retreat – or the time to take a step forward?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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