The Unthinkable

No landscape is that idyllic, no world is a fantasy.

Don’t believe it for a second!

Perhaps you have tasted a forbidden fruit, imagined a backyard or universe that would perpetually take your breath away, or experienced a moment or a week in time that was so majestic it blew your socks off.

Or maybe you just want to experience, first-hand, a world totally of your choosing. One that is loaded with treats tailored just for YOU.

Get a handful of time, a jug of coffee and something nice to sit on. Plant yourself there and declare it YOUR time. Then, go for the sublime . . . start with what caught your attention in the past. That car, the house, that person – take what ever it was and soar with the accompanying feelings. But don’t stop there, embellish it, add to it, change it so your feelings keep elevating. Set new height records!

Try anything, go anywhere – experience! Give your mind complete freedom. At the pinnacle, remember the quality of the sensations you are experiencing. This plateau will be the starting point for your next ascension.

Accept this ‘world’ as your own. Your personal playground. Leave all doubt and negativity behind. Make it easy to return here, anytime you desire to do so.

Be open to all possibilities that may appear.

Bring scissors – just in case you find a limitation or two that just won’t let go.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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