While flipping through a few pictures this morning in search for today’s topic I came across the words, ‘Learning to be content.’ Then came other phrases like, ‘The ten secrets to contentment’ and The best way to find contentment.’

Has our culture regressed that far? To the point where the most solemn and cherished emotions a person can have – are learned from another person?

If that is the case, for what are we – as individuals – responsible?

Assuming you are sitting alone as you read this, cup of coffee, quietude, peace . . . and you realize your level of contentment isn’t as lofty as it should be. OMG! What now? Head over to the bookshelf, or Google, or T.V.? It’s YOUR contentment we’re talking about, and you turn that over to someone else!?

When is it solely your responsibility? Tomorrow, when you get up, why not Google yourself to find out how you feel? Google yourself now to discover if you want another coffee or if it is time to go to the bathroom.

Who would be better than you to know what you prefer? Who would be better than your to understand exactly who you are and what emboldens you and makes you feel complete, happy and content?

Only you know what strings resonate with you, what chords stir your emotions, what arrangements heighten your perspective. You are the author of that majestic book in your mind – about you. Access that, not someone else’s efforts that you don’t even know.

Take that wondrous gift, initiative, and point it at yourself. Bring your talents to life, all of them. Whistle down the wind. Whatever needs to be done, figure it out – for you.

Listen, understand, conquer. Got a problem? The answer’s close by. It is only your success that matters.

Don’t try to learn it, find it, buy it or find a quick way to it.

Just accept it.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Could you give some guidance for those who have not the knowing or the inclination to ‘just accept’ how to ‘just accept’. There may be many out here who don’t have a clue…dont even know to have a clue…maybe that’s your point?


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