The extents of our freedom are being challenged and governed almost daily. There is a definition of ‘freedom’ which may bring needed clarity to this issue . . .

Freedom: is the obedience to self-formulated rules.

The essence here is that we establish our own life. We overtly create a personal rule book in which we specify what our reaction will be to each and every happening in our life. A cause and effect list, if you will, that identifies what we will do when any given circumstance arises.

Absolutely everything can be covered, from what time you get up to who or what will be the ultimate authority in your life. And all the others, such as . . . What will you do if a conversation between friends shifts to a topic in which you don’t want to participate?

You can be the master of your fate, but you must choose how you will do that. The establishment of YOUR guidelines – ones that are self-formulated – are the key. You don’t have to take orders or suggestions from anyone else, unless you wish to do so.

You want a ______ life? Fill in that blank with YOUR desire. Let’s say it is ‘perfect’. In your little rule book of life you can append little poignancies like, ‘I will do this action and I will feel perfect!’ Repetition takes place and you learn to feel perfect after each occurrence.

That is the direction to ‘freedom’ except we haven’t mentioned the other critical word in the definition – ‘obedience’. The type here is the kind where in poker game a player goes ‘all in’. These rules that you have put together are the outline, the concept, of your life. If you feel that ‘all in’ is impossible, change the rules until they conform to your life more accurately so you can be ALL IN.

Tomorrow . . . Do you need time to be free?

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  1. Grateful for the FREEDOM life offers everyday…it’s up to me to receive it…up to me to get out of the way to live it.


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