Underlying Force

The picture below shows your best friend, who is visiting you, sitting on your couch. When you enter, there will be a certain predisposition – a certain dynamic – in place which will effect your entire time together.

There will be subtle ‘ground rules’ in place when you talk. Some topics will be welcomed and nourished, while others will always remain on a distant shelf, out of reach. Even attending actions by both parties will be self-regulated by times shared in the past.

The underlying dynamics of your friend’s presence are apparent and probably not even considered, but her impact – by just being there – is unmistakable as would the differing dynamics be, brought on by other friends.

The dynamics of a room are much different when you are alone.

The dynamics and restrictions of a friend are replaced by the self-imposed limitations you alone bring to the table. This time the dynamics are not so subtle. The boundaries now are YOU. During the many past periods of solitude you have configured a strange shaped outline, within which is your ‘zone’ – the boundaries of your life.

You have negotiated the boundaries numerous times, they are now fixed. When anything new comes along that you deem as ‘worthy’ it gets jammed into the room with your collection of everything else that once was ‘worthy’. Just like a child in a room filled with toys, the ones nearest to him will always be noticed first and played with more. He may remember a toy he left on the other side of the room, but it is too difficult to get to it, so it is forgotten, again.

We all have ‘grown-up’ toys now; other people, problems, situations, self-contradictions and priorities. Which toy is most worthy of your attention? Is it really the one that is right in front of your face every day!?

There is a place where preconceptions are erased and the dynamics are Infinite.

It is: You + Nothingness, but where ‘You’ don’t show up!

So different there are no words to describe It. The ‘underlying worldly forces’ reduce to zero. A new Dynamic introduces itself. The one that has been forever but is totally new, with no name, no self-configured boundaries, no restrictions, no rules, no expectations, no flaws and no language.

Think of yourself as becoming just a ‘liaison conduit’. You receive gifts of perfection and then share them where they are needed. You become a delivery person, separate from the cares of this world. A unique, magnificent mouthpiece for that which can not be normally heard.

Directions to it ——->

First, no friend. Then, no room. Then, no You.

Then . . .


Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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