Personal Flow

Sometimes, floating is synonymous with peace; adrift in solitude and wonder. But one bit of unfavorable news and things can get out of hand.

In a moment we can be negotiating rapids, searching and preparing for underwater obstacles, all while keeping our head above the water line.

When the flow becomes unruly, the number of great possibilities doesn’t diminish, but they change.

Life is full of ebbs and flows, and sometimes the faucet is opened too much and we get tossed around more than usual. There is no real security from that, but our spirit can be aligned with the flow and we in turn can be aligned with that spirit.

We can peacefully accept the changes in flow. The flow doesn’t stop to be examined. We must remain in the flow and ACCEPT it to understand and be able to react appropriately to it – or better – ‘with it’.

We may be experiencing new emptinesses in our life that will be filled. Listening can help us understand this vital situation in which we all find ourselves and it may provide critical insights into how we are to negotiate these rapids and how we can control what will be filling our current emptinesses.

Oppose the flow and it evaporates, leaving you up river, abandoned by current events and vital information.

This is not at about doom and gloom. Just the opposite.

Grab a white-water raft, or just swim a little better. There is a bubbling effervescence flowing out there! A scintillating mystery in which we can all play our part.

This virus isn’t the problem, it is the adventure!

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Exquiste…this is quite the adventure…to see every single experience as magical, mystical, playful is a rare and wonderfilled adventure for sure!!!


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