Un-obvious Revealings

How’s your island today? Shrinking?

Your mind is not chained to the floor. It is open to dreams, expansiveness and discovery. Those mysterious places where ideas are born may still be hidden but are accessible. We may have to turn a few more corners to get them into gear.

The novelty and association we have lost to this quarantine can be regained by mental expansiveness.

It is so easy to add actions to a routine. Instead, experiment! Take different paths – for everything – at least mentally. Do things in ways you never thought possible. Get new perspectives for everything you know. Discover how things might be when viewed in a new way.

Feel like your in a box? The box is really not there, we are just reminded of its pseudo-potency too often. What is outside of that box is still there. It has lost none of its majesty or intrigue.

One unexpected vision . . . one unusual result . . . can change a person’s life . . . forever.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. The visuals add so much to your offering …intellect plus the feelings pictures evoke is powerful!
    A marriage of masculine and feminine♥very applealing!


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