What Do You See?

Someone asks, ‘Where do you want to eat?’ All the usual restaurants are mentioned. But never do you hear, ‘Let’s search through some dumpsters and meet up under the bridge.’ Nor does anyone say, ‘How about we take the Lear Jet over to New Orleans and go to Brennan’s?’

For each subject everyone has personalized ‘answers’ which are also the only answers possible for that person, at that moment.

What are you going today? One person says, ‘Gotta go to Publix, Wal-Mart and take a walk’ while another says, ‘Going over to Jimmy’s and pick up some ‘Ludes and some purples’ while still another says, ‘Meeting of the Board at 2:00, then that formal banquet this evening.’

Common to all is the ‘choice’ process. A question is asked and each person populates the answer column with items that are familiar.

All the answers you give to any question fall in a realm that is comfortable for you. The answers we all give form a ‘class’ to which each individual belongs.

We are responsible for the selection of what group to which we belong. It is our minds that pick what set of rules we are going to abide by.

How are you today? If you really answer that question you will look for the ‘answers column’ of your mind to SEE the possibilities it holds. Then you will share all or part of that vision.

Bear in mind that YOU are the only one responsible for the contents of your ‘answer column’.

You see – only what you put in there!

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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