Rip Off A Piece

Some days the awakening process is uneventful.

Reach down, rip off a piece of today, and that’s it. Like the ripped off piece was just another part of life’s to-do list.

But all too infrequently we mistakenly grab the page entitled ‘The Mysterious’ and we rip a section of that off.

We look at it and fascination begins. We realize that we not only can’t understand it, but that it is too abstract for any kind of manipulation.

It sits in our mind for awhile as we attempt to even consider what to do with it. There are no words that describe it, no numbers, merely feelings of some kind. Even our sandbox has changed. Gone are the shovels and pails – and even the sand. We are left alone, as that that is the way of the mysterious.

It is a new reality with no dimensions, no directions and no rules. But ironically for most, there is an unwritten law that doesn’t permit this divine association with the Mysterious to last very long. Perhaps unfamiliarity is the culprit or the lack of any suspicion that this amazement might be exactly what we have been looking for our entire life.

So, the kettle boils, the cat meows, the dog barks – and the door begins to close on this Mystery. We reach for the ripped off piece, but it has disappeared. Another fleeting dream. The door closes, and the possibility the Mysterious delivered, is gone.

Ah, it was just an enigma anyway, wasn’t it?

Perhaps, though, an ember was left smoldering. Or, a seed may have been planted before the Mysterious left, to germinate in a day or two.

Disappearing fragments . . .

who would have thought?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Is there beyond mysterious? Is there even a word to describe the indescribable?
    What fun to lie down in that grass!🌱


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