Leaving It All Behind

You can cut lawns – or – you can be a gardener. The gardener understands the soil, the irrigation, sunlight and shade, the seasons. The cutter understands that a whirling blade cuts grass.

You stand, in a cage. An iron prison bar in each hand. You ponder the grass, and your past actions. There is an attachment because each moment was, and is, a part of yourself. More importantly, the ideas of brokenness and incompleteness take center stage. There is the sound of a lonely car in the distance, barely audible.

You wonder if your earlier years were a wasted gamble and you sense that even the status quo of this moment is leaving an imprint.

You exit the prison cell and walk out and on to the adjoining dance floor. You pause, your long-anticipated words begin to assemble, and finally they come forth . . .

‘I believe this is my dance.’ Silence. Then, with shoulders pulled back and head slightly raised other words emanate . . .

‘May I have this dance!?’

The crowd parts, you step forward, sensing the now empty doorway behind you. Tingling. Anticipation. Perfection.

Words vanish, unable to hold their own against the worth of the moment – and the worth of Life.

The music is so inspiring. A new beat, new steps, new Partner, new horizons, new mindset and a new voice.

And it all comes down to – ‘What are you going to do tomorrow?’

Doesn’t it?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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