Life from a Vending Machine

Let’s consider it outside the context of food.

Many tangible items are handled the same way . . . You want to buy a car. You find a vending machine that offers cars, choose one, put in your money, push the lever and there is your car.

But those pesky intangibles make the purchase much different. You want a cure for an addiction. You look around. You find no vending machine with ‘Addiction Cures – 50 cents’ written on it.

Could you conceive of your own vending machine? What would the instructions be on it? ‘Ponder your remedy for forty-five minutes each day for three years, then join AA, then deposit $945.00 in the slot and push the lever.’

But the vending machine is much more Magic than that, because it is your vending machine. You write your instructions and it will provide.

‘Deposit a dollar, push the lever, instant cure!’

If your words, your instructions, were sincere – that is what will happen; Instant cure. Tell it that it will take a month, it will take a month. And your words can help in ANY situation, not only addictions.

Choose your words carefully. Others may want to read them.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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