Our mind has connections to everything we know, enabling conversation and thinking. But so infrequently do we unattached ourselves from our past.

Remember, as a kid, you had a sleepover with a friend and a few minutes before nodding off one of you asks a question like, ‘I wonder what would happen if all bricks turned into feathers?’ or any of a million other abstract queries.

All of your mental connections were severed which invited the Infinite in, creating a Magic period where you became nothing but a conduit for higher thought.

As a kid, that type of exercise was fun, opening and an expected happening for young minds. As a grown up, expectations evolve. It seems that moments like those are frowned on now. Old, over used, memorized ‘answers’ are what are preferred instead of fresh, uninhibited thoughts from a higher realm.

I wonder what percentage of the thoughts we have in a given day have any possibility of height or ascension, and if there is even any desire for elevation?

Squeeze those scissors, cut those worn connectors. Give your present reality a break! Those worries, problems and concerns need a rest also. Let everything just fly away for awhile. Every last thing – watch them take flight and disappear.

Then . . . enjoy YOURSELF! Your pure self. Ask yourself some questions while you are there, but wait for new answers, do not supply them yourself.

Disengage! Experience the exquisite Freedom. Play in it. Frolic in Limitlessness. Feel – weightlessness. Allow dreams to come. The Infinite is waiting.

If you have an agenda, don’t bother.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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