The Flip Side of the Finite

Finite is easy. We’ve lived it all our life. It is ordered and has no surprises.

We know all the people with whom we have discussions. There are rules that determine how we do all things and they determine when and where they are to be done.

We think we know everything about every concern we have in life. We understand there is a beginning, middle and end – to everything.

We get that there is some goal to be achieved, some objective to be aiming for, something to be won at the conclusion.

That is the finite. It is where almost everyone lives, but there is a flip side to it. A realm of unknown players, a game with no rules and a mindset to not ‘win’ anything, but to just perpetuate playing.

The flip side is a matrix where the ONLY competition is ourselves, and how we can become more perfect as individuals.

It is the Infinite. It is a place where we stop doing as we were told – and begin calling our own fresh thoughts. A place where the idea is to make everyone else’s life better by making our own life spectacular!

It’s a place of unlimited flexibility to enable that to happen.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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