Your Section of Nothingness

Suppose . . .

that about five years ago just your mind was transported trillions of miles away to a section of nothingness. Your body was left behind and there is no ‘you’ anymore, just a thought machine somewhere in space.

You have no hunger or thirst, only thoughts. For the first year or so there were reoccurring thoughts of things from your past, but now ‘life’ is much different. The constant stream of consciousness has long been quieted. No longer does a thought of a particular ‘thing’ have any value. For years now you have realized that thoughts pertaining to any specific thing are meaningless.

There are no building blocks for creation, just immaterial wisps of imagination, inexplicable flashes of insight. Feelings have taken the place of all things tangible and all feelings carry a strong hint of wonderment.

‘Life’, or whatever you would like to call it, is Magic – Magic. All feelings have but one way to go, and that is higher. Gone are; strife, worry, wrongness and contention – supplanted by silence, purity and wonder. There never could be a thought of limitedness or resistance.

But, today, earth is now in view as a tiny speck on the horizon. You are returning to that world you once knew, fraught with all the negativity and malice.

Closer, now. You can make out the oceans and continents. Memories begin flooding in recalling events on earth and how situations were handled there.

There’s the U.S.A. Your neighborhood, you house. There’s your neighbor out in her front yard.

The silence has disappeared. A police siren screams in disapproval. A motorcycle whizzes by. The groan of an approaching garbage truck becomes more pronounced.

Diane turns, cups a hand like half a megaphone to her lips and yells, ‘Hey, welcome back’!

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Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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