Allowing the Infinite to Find You

May I begin by a bit of house cleaning . . .

I have no idea what this ‘Infinite’ is. I have no idea where this Infinite resides; is it outside of us, inside us, in Chicago? I don’t know, and neither do you. May I suggest that, because of the total uncertainty involved, that we play this game in the abstract with no definitions or personal identifications of anything. Thank you.

What is offered here is based on ‘empiricism’ – relying on personal observation.

There is NO vernacular suitable for divine interaction, i.e., ‘conversing with the Infinite’. It speaks ‘Infinitese’ which must be synonymous with Silence. Something like . . . when we are silent we open the door to ‘hear’ the Infinite, but that definitely does NOT guarantee that we will.

So, how do we allow the Infinite to find us? In my most humble and respectful way I will share this . . .

It is an UNSAID and UNSCRIPTED – ‘EXPECTATION’. Again, this is not the place for any words. It is a feeling of disassociation with the world as we know it, a dissolving and elimination of all our trusted beliefs and knowings, and a sense of height, grandeur and Perfection. A gift, given to us, after our desire for it has been verified in some mysterious, ethereal way.

It is a step of faith. A desire for a life of elevation from all the troubles of this world. It’s Purification, and then Emancipation. All of which is GIVEN to us through absolutely no effort of our own. The best adjective to use is ‘higher’. We have no idea what is in store when we are ‘higher’, we just know we want to be there.

No words. Silence. Detach and disassociate. Higher.

The Infinite brings many majestic facets like Bliss, Peace, Harmony, and the list goes on and on. But it is the ‘change in perspective’ which is the most potent of all. To view everything from an elevated viewpoint has a profound impact on how a person sees everything. When you are not immersed in all the chaos the truths about it become perfectly clear.

Want some irony? The less you try to be ‘found’ the easier it is for the Infinite to identify you.

This is about nothing more than . . . Acceptance.

Sweet dreams!

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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