Allow Some Room

Our environs have shrunk, taking us with them.

Vast picture windows now are narrow slits, doors have become reluctant to let anyone pass through.

Our little prisons, once comfortable retreats, have taken on the faculty of suffocation.

Previously, our feelings of restraint could be relieved by a purchase. A trip, a visit, a tour – and we were then fine again. Today, we must turn to another source for emancipation.

Similar to the Twilight Zone, our hopes now rest with our Imagination.

Consider . . . ‘We come in touch with the Infinite exactly in proportion as we withdraw ourselves from the relative.’ I invite you to reread that last sentence because it contains an amazing truth. Paraphrasing, if we are totally immersed in the things of this world, we leave no room for anything of a higher nature.

Much has diminished in our private worlds; access to things greater and even the desire for things greater. The Infinite, though, remains the same – perpetual Infinitude. All we could ever hope for and an Infinite more.

Withdraw yourself. Close those tiny slits. Close your eyes. Withdraw. Let go of all that garbage you hold so dear to your heart. Welcome a new possibility. We are in a time of limitations. Forget all of them. Allow a new perspective to emerge, a new reality.

Just for You.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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