Building Your House

I don’t kneel down because I might not be able to get up. I just can’t seem to lose weight. I feel a headache coming on. I get four colds a year.

The list continues, of course, and has no limits. Our words can be used for most anything, but so much of the time they are used to convince ourselves about who we really are.

‘I don’t kneel down . . .’ tells yourself there will be a time when you won’t be able to get up. ‘I feel a whatever coming on’ leads to that ‘whatever’ happening. ‘I get x number of colds a year’ will produce whatever number you assign to ‘x’.

It would be so easy to end this blog by suggesting other ways to build your house – other words to say, such as; ‘I enjoy perfect health, I never get headaches, I never get sick, I never have to think about my weight.’

And the ending of the blog would be right here and you could click delete and we’d be done for the day. But these issues happen so often and so repeatedly that I must continue.

New diet – cut out all sugar, bread – whatever. And the person gains weight! And somehow, this is acceptable!? No deserts, constant vigilance about every morsel that enters your body, artificial sweeteners – and no orange juice! It has sugar don’t you know?

Wouldn’t something more elegant, more sensical, more healthy be wanted? Moderation, exercise of all your muscles, water, rest and the best foods – are they an option? Doing enough to burn off the calories you eat and a few more. Eating all kinds of fruits and vegetables and sugars that your body craves, rather than risking depleting yourself of an adequate amount of some essential.

What if a healthy thyroid required orange juice but the OJ never was consumed? Bring on the thyroid pills.

Your words, about weight, bad habits, addictions, etc., determine the house in which your mind lives. It does not have to be a daily fight with all the vices that are out there. It is what we tell ourselves about them.

Your mind has access to all the perfect answers – about everything! The answers are always perfect and designed just for you. With a few minutes and a pure desire you can strategize a worry-free life exactly as you desire it to be.

Once created, the facets of daily living, which once were challenges or heartbreaks, will become nothing but reminders of how you used to struggle. Words enable this. Words determine what YOU feel about everything. You always have a choice about what words you pay attention to and what words you don’t.

Start right now by saying the most positive words to yourself. ‘My life is always perfect!’ ‘I allow nothing to remain with me that is not Perfection! Words bring miracles. Words bring Bliss.

Make them your own.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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