The Disobedient Shadow

The subject moves, its shadow responds. There is never an aberration, never a deviation from what is expected.

It is similar to what happens in most group dynamics. The boss tells you what is going on, highlights a concern, asks for suggestions and everyone goes back to work.

No one ever stands up and screams, ‘The hell with this place, we ought to scrap everything we are working on and start over!’ The group, just like a shadow, plays by rules. The group is an entity. It functions as a unit. If someone acts outside of the parameters of the group, it is frowned on, to put it lightly.

Even when the group is only two participants, the extent of a person’s disobedience is reduced to near zero. There are feelings and ambiguities that must be considered.

The reason all this is being mentioned is that we all now find ourselves as a part of this large group conforming to all the whims that the virus dictates.

Perhaps it is time to call on ‘irreverence’ – maybe ‘radical‘ irreverence! Encouraging our shadow to listen only to that magnificent group of one – You! Your input – your input that does not have to follow the dictate of a group – is what has to be heard.

The answer to this quagmire of disenfranchisement we are battling is not going to come from a group, but from an individual who can be irreverent, radical, hostile and ready to experiment with anything. Groups give soothing suggestions that pacify everyone. Let’s try a little dogmatism.

Maybe, even – disobedience.

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  1. What would dogmatic irreverence/radical irreverence in the case of the virus look like? Example please.


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