A World Beyond

Complex little pieces fitted together, over a backdrop of eternity, to form the fabric of a life.

Sometimes fickle, some pieces disappear and reappear in a new wardrobe while others just vanish never to be seen again.

From this unique perspective we are viewing a life with the Infinite behind it. What is discoverable here is the idea that as the puzzle is finished, the Infinite becomes totally obscured. In our daily effort to find all the pieces, align them, and fit them into this tightly woven fabric, the access to the Infinite is covered up.

Like the gentleman in the puzzle . . . If and when you should look down and see that the very foundation on which you thought you were standing had disappeared, you might inspect other pieces to ascertain their current worth.

If the puzzle above were a representation of your life, would you be adding pieces to the puzzle, or taking them away?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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