‘Unblessed is he who thinks himself unblessed.’ Seneca

After all is said and done, life comes down to how a person feels as he or she traverses their path. If that habit of yours adds positively to your perpetual enjoyment of life, then by all means keep it.

On the other hand, if your participation in that habit causes you to think yourself ‘unblessed’ – you will feel unblessed – and you will be unblessed.

To ‘supplant’ means to eradicate by finding a substitute. If there is anything in your life that does not bring about the highest thoughts, consider supplanting the cause with something you love and are proud to call your own.

Do one thing that makes you feel alive, ecstatic, proud. Then toy with it and see if it can be transformed into something even more glorious.

Hold on to that cause. Add things that also bring about the highest feelings and drop those that do the opposite.

Those added ‘things’ must be ones that make you feel happy, not some adherence to a health commercial about eating broccoli.

Eliminate everything in your life – that does not add to your blessedness.

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