Testing Grounds

Ever wonder why having fun is not easy?

With very few exceptions our lives are – a testing ground. All of our actions are done on a testing ground of our construction. What is a testing ground’?

It is a designated place where we take a thought or idea and subject it to assorted tests to determine if it passes or fails certain thresholds we have established. In the picture above the tests are performed on vehicles to ascertain comfort or reliability. That is one testing ground. In our mind there are myriad testing grounds for everything we encounter; what to eat, how to feel about someone, whether to give up on something or to try something new. The list is exhaustive.

We live in the land of right and wrong, good and bad. Right now, at this very instant, your selective mechanisms are busy evaluating these words you are reading. If their quality should fall below some benchmark, you’ll go off to something else. That was just one example. At every waking moment we are judging temperature, lighting, comfort, every word spoken, comfort with any subject on our mind . . . and on and on and on.

I love cruising for one main reason – that this idea of monitoring our right-doing and wrong-doing can be brought to an absolute minimum. You can get past that ridiculous hurdle of having to test and evaluate everything that comes into your life.

With the elimination of the testing grounds, one key quality appears – Freedom. But this freedom is different from the garden variety type of freedom. There is an element of freedom experienced walking in the woods. But the Freedom that comes from not having to monitor any activity, brings such elation and fun that it can not even be compared with just not having any fences.

When your apparatus for judgment shuts down, several ancillary things occur. Expectations disappear, you listen to everything, surprises begin happening to a degree they are Magic, other people are attracted to what is going on with you, time disappears along with agendas and plans, you become LED by something higher.

You don’t speak . . . words are spoken through you.

You become One. You are not better or worse than someone else – you are a part of them. There is not a right way or wrong way – there is The way. The only acceptable action is ACCEPTANCE.

There is no game that you play. You are the game – and it is Infinite.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Aaaaaaaawwwwwwweeeeee….acceptance…me cruising in some of that soup today for sure… flowing together as One.
    I am calling it Harmony today♥


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