Secret Headquarters

Secret Headquarters – not just for the movies anymore . . .

Digging a basement may not be the answer, but having a virtual place in our mind where we can dig in pure gold, might be.

Just inside our exteriors we all encapsulate a mysterious world of our own creation, filled with secrets which mask other secrets. This ‘inner world’ will remain just for us to know but it doesn’t have to remain without form, or void, or dark.

It is the only thing we own which can not be accessed by anyone but ourselves, and there is no better personal respite than what is offered there.

The design of it is completely up to you. Even the comprehension of the design is your responsibility. Maybe you’ll start out with lighting and pick its color, intensity and source. Will there be bookcases, showers, kitchen, movie screen, soft recliner, note pad, supply of interesting prompts, etc.?

YOUR personal ‘secret headquarters’. Lonely? Pack that place with things that will shatter loneliness. Dull? Put in a race track, a roller coaster, an enemy! Lethargic? Install a surprise machine with a random start mechanism.

Try anything. Like it? Keep it! If not, replace it. Is there something from your past that was incredible? Get five of them! This is Your headquarters, it is JUST for you to optimize.

Be relentless – demand exactly what you want this place to be and to do. This is your world, literally. It is your Creation, literally. You can visit it whenever you like or maybe you’d choose to move in.

That cherished area is there, waiting for you. It is calling your name, beckoning. What’s that it’s whispering?

I’ll leave a light on for you.’

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. This place you write about is HOME…you take it everywhere. There’s no place like it!
    It is your own creation.
    Like it or leave it…you are stuck with/or you are blessed with it…might as well make it the best ever…the way you like it!
    Home Sweet Home…in Alabama, Paris, Vermont or Mars!♥


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