Hidden Anchors

You’re ready to go. New morning, new day, new possibilities. But, there is that same tug. That reoccurring ‘pull’ of the anchor reminds you that flight will be difficult today, as always.

Life can become a series of routines. Get up, play the ‘coffee’ routine. Lunch, play the lunch routine. And although routines have a smidge of efficiency in them, they can cloud over and hide other things that are going on while the routine is re-enacted, both good and bad.

Suppose that during the coffee routine you in corporate some invigorating aerobics. No anchor there. But in like fashion suppose that you talk to the same person every day during that routine. That person sure could talk anchors and you may not even recognize it.

Anything can be an anchor for you; news, a habit, a person, a routine. As you sit there – right now – consider if the sitting is an anchor. Those things on your agenda for today – pause and reflect on whether any of them are anchors.

Consider the top four reoccurring thoughts you have during the day, and the associations they bring with them. If there are anchors lingering in there, frequency alone dictates that much time will be spent on subjects that you feel burdensome.

Do you feel tired often? Dragging anchors behind you can be quite a challenge.

Fly ‘Anchorless Airlines’. Flights leaving immediately. No baggage allowed. Non-stop to any destination. Every seat is first-class. Free to go at any time, effortlessly.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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