A Lady’s Determination

The rain from last night’s storm washed everything immaculately clean and the wind carried any dust away. However, the thunder and lightning did jolt the board on which Tilly played her life.

So much so that it knocked over some of the pieces she used. One piece in particular, one of her staunchest allies, actually had resigned and had joined the other side.

She cleaned up the board, stood up the pieces and arranged them perfectly. The traitor, that piece that had joined the other side, was discarded quite vehemently, never to be thought of again.

Tilly understood the final part of the puzzle, that some things have to be not only let go, but eliminated, for clarity to appear.

The morning was idyllic, visited by chirping birds, a cool ocean breeze and the almost too perfect butterfly. As she sat in the highest Bliss, continual thanks for what she had just experienced whispered from her mouth.

She looked at the board and pieces, shining and in acute alignment. Tilly recognized how powerful her game was now, without any players around her who detracted from, or who may have sabotaged, her game. She slowly lifted a seemingly minor piece, moved it three squares, and set it back down.

She softly announced – M.A.T.E.

‘Most Awesome Time Ever!’

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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