To All the Thoughts We’ll Never Have

Ah, to have a slow dance with the Infinite. To seduce hidden treasures from her. Is it greed?

It’s an attempt to conceive an infinite playlist of provocative subjects of the highest magnitude. It is the desire to minimize the number of ‘thoughts we’ll never have’.

The music continues, the lights are low, the connection is intimate. But the seduction is a failure. From the gold mine of infinite treasures we obtain nothing. We amass all the ideas we have ever had and we can put them on a Ritz cracker.

What if you want a warehouse of gems from the Infinite, without limitations? The problem is – the absence of suitable conveyance.

We need words and/or pictures to enable us to think and to POSSESS thoughts and ideas. Thus, we are limited from the start. Our determination to ‘get’ the Infinite just makes the acquisition that much more difficult. The Infinite deals with things that are ‘ineffable’ – unable to be expressed in words. Our ‘determination’ attempts to force answers to come, through words, which will never happen. What will work is being silent and peaceful – enough so that subtle ‘feelings’ can be sensed.

When someone asks you, ‘Do you want to walk in the rain with me?’ your mind shifts as it begins to deal with the feelings associated with the adventure. Walking ‘in the Infinite’ is just like that. It’s a shift, adventure, a newness – an unknown experience.

Many of the thoughts that you will never have will stay concealed from you until these feelings of perfection are not only allowed by you, but are welcomed by you.

Wait for the rain, the warmth, the right time. Open the front door and walk out into the rain, leaving all your words inside – and then close the door. Maybe hold someone’s hand as you go.

It’s a new form of slow dancing.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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