Mental Vacation

Suppose that the part of our brain that is associated with thinking became inactive, went on vacation. All the automatic functions would continue; your heart would continue to beat, you’d breathe, hear and heal. And let’s call this body without a mind your ‘essence’.

You have no movement because that part of your brain which drives action is gone. But imagine that the action drivers return but without your thinking apparatus.

And through some magic envision your essence becomes attached to movement but without the thinking part of your brain.

Here you are, void of any learning from the past and not even knowing what ‘action’ is – what would your essence have you do?

You’d experience as an infant. Touch. Discover. Play. You’d have no favorites, no knowns, no limitations. There would be such delight in realizing there is nothing in control, no agendas, no rooms you could not enter, no thoughts that were off limits, no judgements, no rights, no wrongs.

There would be pure fascination with the Infinite.

And, maybe, a smidge of thanks that there are vacations.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. ‘…this body without a mind your essense…’
    No mind…no thought…no attachments…easy you say?


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