The Languor Moments

Your eyes are shut and you’re not asleep. Your mind is at idle, resting in the languor of the moment. There is a sense that a message wants to come through to you. Right then – suppose you captured an overview of your emotions.

Would that overview be filled with joy, hope, bliss and perfection? Would you expect some nirvana-type message that would bring awe and wonder and be an enlightenment for the day?

Or, would there be, or could there be a feeling a potential doom? Perhaps a foreboding of continued unpleasantness or unresolved problems that continue to stay with you?

These are truly revelatory moments, as we are not reacting to anything then, nor are we engaged in any activity. They are moments of true clarity when our authentic selves reveal who we really are.

That overview is powerful. It makes it obvious what is on our deepest mind, showing what really matters to us. If you agree with the contents of the overview just continue and exult in them. If not, identify those objectionable to you.

They are there because you have given them the power to exist.

The door is opening, light and reality are drifting back in and languor is side-stepping off stage, until the next scene.

When it returns, remember that with the highest and most subtle thoughts, you can cause the images of the next scene to be exactly what you desire them to be.

Choose well.

If you don’t choose – they will be chosen for you.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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