Throne in the Sky

Something happen in your life that is good? Something that causes you to feel happy – about yourself?

Capture that feeling. Hold on to that elation. Revel in that splendid matrix as long as possible.

Be exalted. Venture up those stairs to that throne in the sky. YOUR throne in the sky. Sit down and luxuriate in that elevated height. Experience the purity, the effortlessness, the rarified beauty.

Claim it as your own. Allow that feeling of bliss spread throughout your body. You never have to experience anything less than this.

The phone may ring, there may be a knock on the door, a voice may summon you. The trick is simple . . . respond to them, but DO NOT leave your throne.

If you wish, the throne can be your permanent residence. If you change your address to the throne, your life changes. You begin to think and act as someone on a throne. Your answers, your responses and your directives will take on wisdom. You will sense yourself to be in a new state of awareness and knowledge. The petty trifles of your old life will evaporate, replaced by things of higher and higher meaning.

All this – with just a shift in consciousness. Don’t ever again settle for the mundane facets the world has to offer. Get used to the unequalled quality found upstairs. Then invite others to join you.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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