You meet. Thirty years go by. Blame it on the letter ‘s’.

Initially there is that inseparable bond. You and me against the world thing.

Over the years that letter ‘s’ is always there as a reminder – that there are TWO people involved. You and the other person.

Thus, there are always differences, disagreements and a hierarchy to be established and followed.

Could the partnership ever be conceived as oneness? Not the fabricated kind so readily mentioned in conversation but where both individuals and their personalities disappear and reconfigure in an inseparable, pure, union.

A new, unique entity would be born with no identity, no gender, no nationality, no race – just purity. There would be no ownership, just a majestic acceptance. A complete relinquishment of life as we know it, in favor of being led by an Infinite source.

Perhaps that melding has already happened but has remained oblivious to the participants.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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