Core Flow

We all understand that folks act differently when circumstances are directing their lives. If we watch and listen to them we get a clear picture of their current demeanor.

These circumstances could just be the person playing out the role they perceive they have been given in life, or actions such as revenge as a form of blame. When our actions are viewed by another, they identify us. They tell – or show – the world exactly who we are. Quite often these actions portray an individual that is much different than the person would wish.

Rather than thinking about a person’s actions, it is possible for those actions to be ones which flow from the core of a person’s being. Free from blame of others, free from any contamination.

Do we need to continue to be associated with our personal past history? All of us are nothing but a collection of thoughts we have amassed over the years, and everyday we act out those thoughts for the audience. They express to others – who we are.

For many, that is fine, but if it is not fine for you, realize . . . You can take your personal history and burn it, bury it – and start over. You can abandoned the idea of always letting your past dictate your actions.

When you don’t think about your actions – and allow them to flow from the core of your being – your true self will emerge.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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