Just Readiness?

A few days ago the concept of ‘familiar things’ entered my mind and with it the associative thoughts of how there seems to be so many more of them now, and how they limit other possibilities, etc.

This new path having been chosen, I readied myself for its entrance to begin, but the start never happened. Nothing. The idea of alternative hobbies and venues just froze.

This morning ‘readiness’ isolated itself as the topic of the day.

It seems that we can get ready to travel, work or think – but there is something else at play. We all get the idea that they we can become determined to break a habit, say, but nothing happens for a day, month or decade. Then, in an instant, you don’t want another cigarette or drink, ever.

This ‘other thing at play’ is fascinating. It comes not of our accord or wish, but when a certain special ‘alignment’ occurs, similar to the earth, moon and sun lining up. Similar to the ends of three sections of pipe aligning up, bringing the ability of flow.

If you look back over the major choices you have made in your life, were they made by you, really? Wasn’t it more like this? . . . circumstances lined up and you attended this college, or you picked this person to date, or you didn’t take that trip. Like an un-asked-for guidance.

Back to today. Take the BLM movement. Are you, we, ready for that? I, for one, think if we’re going to stick with a ‘what matters’ slogan, it should be ‘All Lives Matter’ – for obvious reasons.

I leave you with this . . .

When ‘readiness’ meets with the idea of alignment or divine design – the transformation happens, automatically, perfectly – without human intervention. It is the highest spirit, in all of us, that will bring about alignment and harmony – not another burning police car.

It appears right now that nothing is lining up. Could it be that what is missing here is a state of ‘being guided’. For all of us to be; open, receptive, considering and pure.

‘Desirous of being led.’ Who would have thought . . . ?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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