A Bad Life – Really?

A bad life gets in the way of a mediocre life. A mediocre life gets in the way of a good life. And so on up the quality check list.

Right now, if you know your life could be better, this is for you, no matter where you find yourself on the scale.

Recurring negative thoughts – they are the culprits, aren’t they? Everyday, one or more of those nasty critters keeps showing up, making you feel lousy.

They come in all forms; old habits, new issues with a person, a dissatisfaction with something in your life.

Instead of some twelve step plan to correct, modify or cure the concern, why not just eliminate it here and now?

Thinking about something provides fuel for it. The flame of a match grows into a four-alarm blaze.

Recall an issue you used to have. Even that is difficult because at some point we stop thinking about those problems we had and they disappear.

Again, this is not about curing a concern. It is about abandoning it.

Let’s take smoking as an example. Don’t use any mechanism which brings that habit to mind. Saying, ‘I am not a smoker’ over and over feeds the habit and makes it worse.

Desert, walk away, leave it behind. Don’t mention it to friends. It is no longer a part of your life.

Yesterday, did you have any concerns about mixing concrete inappropriately? None. Why? Mixing concrete is not part of your life and you have no interest in it at all.

Use that same disinterest, give your concerns no time. Not one more second. Feed them no more.

Another example? Over weight? Forget it! Envision life without that encumbrance. Eat perfectly, play exceptionally, exercise dynamically, give thanks perpetually.

Focus on the opposites of the problem. Smoking – focus on pure air, breathing, running, no contamination. Over weight – focus on activity, fun, sports, perfectly fitting clothes, play, movement.

We become – what we think about.

To what extent can this go and how good can it be?

As far as you wish and as great as you can imagine.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Washing hands is really up right now for your health, wealth and happiness…right?
    How about a good old fashion brain washing for health, wealth and happiness…it works for many don’t you know!
    Hand Wash, Brain Wash your cares away…the new/old way of washing your troubles away!


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