A Life of the Highest Calling

It’s capricious, isn’t it? How we can go from wanting to; walk, drive, own a car, own the best car, own a house, have a mate, children, etc.

But in us all, is there not that faint, almost imperceptible voice, that visits us every so often and hints that there might be more to our lives? So much more!

Periodically, for an instant or two, we have a yearning to transcend this life and its routines and opt for experiences that are more than we know we can create for ourselves, and are more than just satisfying our desires.

Whatever happened to ‘carefree’? Freedom?

The picture above has all the answers. Don’t dictate what life should bring to you (you have no clue!) but be open and listen to what it is offering you. It will be pure and free of any contaminates. It will not only defy evil but demand that all evil remain separate from your life.

To be in concert with another individual, in this realm of purity, would be the highest honor. Two unique worlds merged as one; seeking nothing, having no agenda, no mandates, with the resultant being a glorious dance floor where you might dance forever!

This new, magic turf, would have eternal qualities but it can only exist in the absence of contamination, negativity or past limited knowledge.

If you take what has been said here and seek to evaluate it by contrasting it with what you think you ‘know’, the value of the message will be gone. The non-infinite (you) can not digest or assimilate the Infinite. The Infinite is a gift that presents itself silently with no fanfare or revelry, almost like a subtle aroma on a fishing hook.

It requires little effort to dismiss the ‘aroma,’ just click and be done with it. More than likely that is what will be done by many. I accept that. But what about you, this time?

How many times has that ‘aroma’ visited and you said ‘No?’ How many more times will this Highest Calling whisper to you and just be abandoned? What if this ‘fairy tale’ of the Infinite is actually real, life-changing and available to you – right now?

Ironically, it requires even LESS effort to accept the ‘aroma’. You say goodbye to all your acquired fallible, limited ‘knowledge’ and trade it in for the Pure and the Infinite.

Look at the picture again. It will become more and more – akin.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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