Purity Has No History

A lightning bolt of clarity came yesterday while talking with a friend about ‘purity’.

The sentence uttered was, ‘Purity has no history.’

The idea here is that we are relating to things that are pure, 100%. Not an object that was the best one out of an assortment, nor something chosen by excluding others, nor an item selected because it was given birth later than the rest.

This speaks to the concept of having ‘no contaminates’. There is a je ne sais quoi, a beautiful attribute that can not be adequately described about the subject of purity.

Purity identifies a region of influence – absent from liabilities, flaws and error.

It is a matrix of profound, highest, acceptance where limitations are non-existent.

Few things have no history and no limitations.

We all have a history of the choices we have made, and those choices continue.

That region of divine influence is but a thought away.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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