Profound Darkness

A darkness that wipes out any trace of illumination.

A blackness that co-exists with the noon day sun.

A black, so deep, it can extinguish candles.

Similarly, there is that ‘wrong’ that has so evolved to such an extent that ‘right’ can not even be in the same room with it.

And in like manner, ‘excuses’ can abound to a realm where they become certainties.

The blackness, the wrongs and the excuses are just words and contain nothing negative in themselves.

It is, like with everything, how they are perceived . . .

by us.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. JUDGEMENT can lead to such darkness…staying awake to what and why one judges can lead to the light. Stay AWAKE…stay AWARE…of the what’s and why’s…embrace both the light and the dark…they both have information to share.


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