The Guided

Etched paths of conformity channeling innocent travelers to their end.

Pre-selected, well-beaten, no surprise trails. Disney-esque.

No admission to get on, but just try to get off!

There are no tangents, no escape gates, no exit ramps.

Round and round, over and over, again and again. Path-etic.

Same scenery, same emotions, same results.

No license is needed to travel, just a badge. Not a badge of courage – but of surrender.

Looking for something? If it’s not on your path you will never find it.

So numb, we don’t even realize, or remember, there might be something better.

This trek we are on, is a phantom, a ride. It is our choice of motion and to mess with it in any way is personal treason. Discomfort only comes with NO motion, when you try to get off the ride.

Was Henry Ford responsible for this? Assembly lines, repetition, monotony.

Tangents – remember them? Stopping at a roadside stand for a candy-apple or a pecan roll. A waterfall. A lake. A stream. A pond. Stillness.

Or just because it ‘felt right’ to do so.

This path that we have chiseled out for ourselves – what do we think it is?

Is this ‘path of guided motion’ of ours replete with truth, growth and fulfillment?

Somewhere. SOMEWHERE! There is a ‘stop’ button that when pressed takes us from ‘go-motion’ to ‘slow-motion’ to ‘no-motion’.

But what has to come first, before that button is pressed? Coffee, a text, a phone call, an afternoon, a week, a month, next – ‘something’.

Or, is this the last path?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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