Where There Is Life – There Is Water

Cleansing, unselfish, pure, simple . . . liquid peace.

Soothing, splashing, flowing . . . truth floats on it.

Nourishes all without trying. Content with the lowest places.

Quenching, cooling . . . a true essential.

Hands touch. Hands feel. Hands offer. Hands welcome.

Weary wanderer, come in. Hear the cascading melodies. Be baptized. Renew.

All that is between you and your dream, the water will dissolve it and wash it away.

Row your little boat gently down the stream. Reflect. Forgive.

Your impurities – let them break off and drift away.

Come in. Play. Relax. FLOAT! Feel the buoyancy. Regenerate.

Don’t dry off until all of your negativity is gone.

Maybe its necessity and commonality to all life is most important right now.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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1 Comment

  1. Beautiful.
    What the world needs now.
    Soothing Peace.
    Room to breathe.
    Space for freedom.
    💜 Grateful💜


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