The Infinite

Einstein said something like, ‘We don’t know one tenth of one percent about anything’.

We sit here as some assemblage of quarks and gluons and sub-atomic particles and pretend we know stuff, any stuff. We are dogmatic about subjects and at the same time realize we do not even know what consciousness is.

We accept information from wherever as long as it fits in nicely with all the other ‘knowledge’ we have and rely on the flimsiest ‘proofs’ for what we believe, attesting something MUST be true because of some strange lighting or other unusual circumstance.

Some things can be proved, like mathematical equations. But when we get to human experiences I am not sure. But here’s the thing . . .

Why do we have to be dogmatic about anything? Why do we have to say FOR CERTAIN that anything is true?

I talk about this ‘Infinite’ thing as though I have some special access to some supernatural power. Forty years ago it did ‘feel’ that way. I now see that all of this ‘elevation’ of thought, spirit, enlightenment – whatever – could be just a human way of expressing beautiful thoughts and feelings because there are no words in our language to help us.

This was all said to get to one point, and that is freedom. That realm to which everyone seems to be attracted.

When the time comes where you do not have to stand up for any belief, that is freedom. (This is said strictly from personal experience). If you have not said ‘I do not know’ in quite a while, I would strongly suggest trying it. It brings immediate freedom!!! And it is always true!

ALL of your ties to right and wrong, good and bad, all of that garbage are gone in an instant. Truth – is Beauty. What a revelation. Thank you, John Keats. You just tell the absolute Truth and absolute Beauty follows. What a miraculous concept.

Our lives are riddled with getting more, whether it be; money, connections or information. To release all that uncertainty that is entangled in our minds – perhaps that is the Infinite.

I don’t know.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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