Life’s Algorithm

1) How are you doing?

If life is perfect, go to (5). If not, go to (2).

2) Pause, and listen for the answer to the question, ‘What imperfection should I focus on?’ When you have the answer go to (3).

3) Answer this question, ‘Can my life be perfect if this imperfection continues?’ If your answer is ‘yes’ go to (1). If your answer is ‘no’ go to (4).

4) Identify the concern exactly . . . Why is it in your life? Why can’t you rid yourself of it? Realize that you have given it control over YOUR life. Imagine what amazing thing you could replace it with. Consider – it is separating you from Perfection. Think how you would feel about yourself if you finally conquered this! Do not allow this decision to linger. Do not make a plan or give a deadline for its accomplishment. Decide – NOW! If you conquered it, congratulations! Go to (1). If you haven’t decided, go to (4).

5) Beautiful life! isn’t it? Repeat when any uncertainty appears.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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