To the Depths of Ambiguity

After an hour of thought gymnastics this morning this concept of ‘conditioning’ keeps wandering back in to the process.

We consider talking about a subject with a friend, let’s use ‘police’ and ‘Y’ for you and ‘P’ for the other person.

While Y may be ponder the police force of NYC in an attempt at expanding the subject to cover more aspects, P may be pondering Barney, Opie and Sheriff Taylor of Mayberry in an effort to keep things as simple as possible. The question of hiring and firing arises and the differences as to how the question is to be answered are obvious.

Then comes the consideration of how our individual brains process information; along the lines of an equation, in some abstract art form, in groups of information? And is this ‘how?’ of how we process information understood and acceptable to P?

Some folks want to get large groups together to discuss and share. Is that even possible? Within each subject chosen can be facets that to Y may be sacrosanct and holy. To P they may be novelty items.

The conveyance of thoughts and ideas is what we do, every day and for the most part our discussions are about where and when to meet for lunch.

I guess the deeper talks will continue and we’ll just accept that non-focused interaction to provide what it always has – ambiguity.

Published by Kumi

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