Disassociation Day

Are we able to take one day out of this string of many and forget the virus, the police, the politicians and protesters and riots?

Can we we stop for a twenty-four hour period explaining to ourselves and anyone else who will listen what this all means? That what is happening right now is some kind of magical time that must have some magical outcome(s).

We are in a time of escalated grief over poor police practices and a virus. That’s all. Time will bring apathy and attrition. They’ll be some new rules of conduct, a required period of time for reflection and then we’ll be back to some normalcy.

Most of us view this chaos as some kind of infliction bestowed on us. We don’t like it so we rebel and talk – incessantly – with everyone about the travails of our society.

Is there some order, some mandate, that requires us to be identified with this chaos, to be part of it? It certainly appears so.

Is it even possible that our rhetoric could change to express ideas that would benefit ourselves and others rather than contaminate?

Most of us have extra time now to pause, dream and reflect on the gifts we have been given. To use them constructively again to help others and cease being another person that just identifies himself or herself with the grief around us that is so prevalent.

Do that hobby, write that book, exercise that body. Climb up – don’t accept the other direction. Identify yourself with something higher. Then talk about that. Encourage others. Build. Create. Identify with abundance and perfection.

Make this your Disassociation Day. All of your friends will thank you and the world be a better place.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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