Anti – quity

It’s 11:00 o’clock and Fido is barking. You want to sleep. There is conflict.

If you knew for certain that the only cause of the barking was that the dog was hungry you would feed the dog, the noise would stop, and you would be asleep shortly thereafter.

If we knew exactly the causes of the turmoil in our present day environment and if we could get rid of those causes, the turmoil would stop.

The ‘knowing’ and ‘ridding’ in the last sentence are all but impossible to accomplish.

The ‘lack of understanding’ is the cause of all our problems. We are coming to the realization that what we relied on in the past does not work now. Our nation is crippled by the use of our outdated methods. The dynamics of our society are ever expanding and to superimpose antiquated rules of behavior on it is criminal.

Someone, PLEASE, usher in ‘freshness’. Make it criminal to think about bettering our concerns of the moment with answers from the past.

It seems many of the relics we have held over from yesteryear are begging for change. Religions, companies, home life, friendships want new-found possibilities, intrigue and freedom. There is a desire for elevation, importance – but of a heart-felt, personal kind.

Could a law be passed that it is a felony to attempt to answer questions about today’s concerns with suggestions we knew about previously? That ‘freshness’ has to be the underlying basis for any further discussions? That if all you are bringing to the table are responses from the past – you won’t be heard?

‘Freshness’ contains no conflict, no preconceptions, nothing stale, no entanglement with the past.

Damn, that IS ‘freedom’ isn’t it!?

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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