When Substitutions Aren’t Good Enough

The virus, the police, the races, the inequalities – they have all become a part of our lives now. They have caused disruption in our lives and we, in turn, have begun to feel uncomfortable.

The best we can do, it seems, is to ruminate about the happenings that are occurring. There is the left and the right, the right and the wrong, the principled and the unprincipled and we all fit somewhere between those extremes. It is as if our best shot is to just talk about the situation, and that is exactly what happens. People, groups, congregations, organizations coming together to talk about the problems.

Please, tell me this . . . have you experienced anything beneficial from any of these talks? Has the media uncovered ANY answers to mitigate the problems?

Everyone wants answers. Get the best people. Use the largest groups. It does not matter.

As long as we remain focused on the problems that are now in our environment, that is exactly how they will remain – PROBLEMS.

Until we temporarily accept these current conditions as reality and then start uncovering the actual root causes OF the problems, we will get nowhere. Sure, call it; poverty, disenfranchisement, education. That’s what ‘we’ do. It’s poverty? – throw more money at it and see if that works, this time.

We all are facing big-league problems. Amassing large groups of people is the natural counter-attack, but if all those groups are going to do is to basically talk a whole lot more about the problems, NOTHING will be gained. Everyone wants an answer, but this time an answer might not come without change.

Change that comes from asking people empathetically what they really need. Understanding; the new family constructions, how races interact within themselves, the proper integration of government with individuals, how ‘god’ now factors in to people’s lives, how our new ‘spirituality’ can be understood and emboldened into the fabric of human lives, etc.

We don’t need any more anecdotal repetitions. We don’t need more gossip about the state of our Union. We need to get above that and allow intelligence, data and facts to begin being heard.

Is there one website, one online anything that asks for people’s real, heart-felt causes for their feelings? If there is an answer, or answers, to the consortium of complexity in front of each and every one of us, it/they may only come from a revolutionary new way of thinking about life as we know it today.

Stop experiencing – and start thinking.

Stop trying to escape – and begin reasoning.

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  1. The thing is…do people really know what they need? What has worked before or not worked in bettering people’s lives and satisfying needs has not been working…we are uncomfortable for a little while…and then go back to sleep… to the same old same old. The masks come off… amenisa sets in again. The dark ages return and life remains the same.
    A whole new way of living life from an elevated perspective is needed now. So the question becomes…how does that become the most important view for the majority to focus on…the elevated view? That’s the 64 thousand dollar question!
    Listening is key here…deep listening. Could we hear clear answers in an instant? Will it take days, month’s, years? Wondering.
    💜New spirituality…perhaps basic golden rule mentality might be a start.


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