Are We Going Down!?

Concurrent with this morning’s news was an episode of ‘Air Disasters’ on the Smithsonian channel. There, the middle engine of a giant three-engine United jet blew up and severed all three of the hydraulic lines, leaving none of the controls working in the cockpit. None.

The plane began banking and it would have soon crashed had not the pilot suggested using the speed of the engines to try and rectify the situation. The plane leveled and they made it to an airport but the speed necessary for flight made the landing nearly impossible. About half the passengers lost their life but the rest survived.

Then, flipping back to the news, I was struck with the similarities of that air disaster with what is going on in our country. Speaking now in generalities and about concepts, not specifics, could the similarities here be thought of in the same manner?

How would the people in charge react to the situation if nothing worked? No curfews, no placement of troops, no police barricades, no tear gas, no rubber bullets – nothing!

The safety and well-being of a nation is at stake and there is nothing known, nothing that has been used before, that will help. What, then?

An agreement? Some idea about working toward a mutually rewarding conclusion? Actually thinking about what folks have in common rather than just their differences?

In all that is going on today, and in all situations, ‘truth’ can be found. Where purity of thought and reason become self-evident. Where everyone just knows perfection has been found. When that happens ‘beauty’ appears and begins to flourish.

Many believe that the virus and the simultaneous occurrence of these protests and riots portend a change coming for the better. Everything happens for a reason? I’m not certain of that, but here’s the thing.

If just the same actions are taken now as have been taken in the past, there is going to be NO real change. No truth realized, no beauty to be seen. The National Guard carries no ‘magic dust’ to sprinkle over an area to make everything well.

So, maybe it is our turn – We, the People. Maybe it is our turn to sever all the hydraulic lines. Realize that all the ‘controls’ we thought worked, or even helped, are gone. Maybe it is our turn to start realizing we are going to crash unless NEW and DIFFERENT actions are taken.

Consider yourself as the pilot of that aircraft. That moment has arrived where ‘doing nothing’ is not an option. If you do nothing – everyone dies. What, then, happens next? You become open, completely open, to anything that might make a difference. You become sensitive to any possibility that you could try.

You need no approval from anyone. Masks disintegrate. You stop thinking about saving yourself and realize the number of folks that may be saved by your immediate actions.

Conscientious. Free. Open to the Highest answers . . . Truth and Beauty.

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